Ron Kilcoyne

BS, Business Administration,
University of San Francisco
Advanced Scheduling Seminar, Regional Transit Training Center, USC
Bay Area Urban Transit Institute Transit Management Effectiveness Program, University of California, Irvine
International Transit Study Program,
ENO Foundation


Transportation Management
& Design, Inc.
North County Transit District
Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates
Lane Transit District
Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority
Korve Engineering
City of Santa Clarita
AC Transit

Ron Kilcoyne | Senior Manager

Ron Kilcoyne is an accomplished transit management professional with over 40 years of experience in the public transportation industry. As a former General Manager of three different transit systems across the country, he has navigated distinct markets and organizational challenges, grown ridership, and achieved significant cost efficiencies through sound fiscal management and effective labor negotiations. In addition, he has successfully planned and implemented complex projects involving service redesign, fare restructuring, new facilities construction and operations, and advanced technology system improvements. His past executive management roles include General Manager, Lane Transit District (Eugene, OR); CEO/General Manager, Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority (Connecticut); and Transportation Manager, City of Santa Clarita (Los Angeles County).

Prior to assuming his executive leadership roles, Ron spent 12 years at AC Transit (Oakland, CA) developing and implementing short- and long-range planning efforts, including an internal Comprehensive Service Plan that completely restructured the route network from a radial to multi-dimensional system. This three-phase project generated measurable ridership growth amid declining trends at neighboring systems. In addition to his firsthand industry experience, Ron has conducted a broad range of service planning and scheduling projects as a consultant, working closely with a variety of systems seeking to increase ridership and enhance their internal capacity and operations. His projects have largely focused on improving frequencies, simplifying routes, identifying operational efficiencies, and developing staff training.

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