HRDC Bozeman TDP

HRDC Bozeman TDP

HRDC Bozeman TDP

Bozeman, Montana is one of the fastest-growing micropolitan areas in the country, yet the Streamline bus network is largely the same as when it was first designed in 2006. Redesign Streamline 2020 takes a fresh look at the travel demands of this growing area and how transit service can be optimized to meet these demands. TMD will develop short- and long-range recommendations to provide effective and efficient service using strategic network design and operations practices as well as funding strategies to ensure the sustainability of Streamline service.
Transit System Reimagining, Operations Optimization, Visual Communications

Redesign Streamline 2020 Final Report

Final Report

Redesign Streamline 2020 Weekday Lines

Weekday Lines

Redesign Streamline 2020 Purple Line map

Purple Line

Redesign Streamline 2020 Purple Line schedule

Purple Line schedule

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