Tim Baker

Diploma of Information Technology (dual streams)
Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia


Transportation Management
& Design, Inc.
Yarra Trams, Melbourne, Australia
Public Transportation Corporation, Melbourne, Australia

Technical Skills

HASTUSTM Scheduling Software
Database Analysis and Design
SQL and VBA Programming

Tim Baker | Principal Scheduler / Data Systems Manager

Tim Baker has over 30 years of experience in scheduling urban transit services and developing transit-related information support systems. As TMD’s Data Systems Manager, he directs the data acquisition and structure of transit performance data sets collected either manually, or through Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) systems. He has advanced data analysis and cleansing skills in the transit data environment, and is proficient in working with data from a variety of transport information systems. In addition to developing numerous information systems and applications to support transit scheduling and service planning functions, he is also skilled in database design and software development. Since joining TMD, Tim has developed sophisticated database systems with a focus on streamlining scheduling and service planning processes; producing output statistics and reports; and interfacing with computerized scheduling systems. In addition to leading the design and development of TMD’s in-house Service Analysis System (SAS), he has written many interfaces to convert data from various systems into formats suitable for other products, such as HASTUSTM, TrapezeTM, and SAS. Tim’s recent data management client list includes systems in St. Louis, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Des Moines, Orange County, San Mateo County, San Diego, and Riverside.

As one of TMD’s principal schedulers, and leading HASTUSTM scheduler, Tim also has extensive experience in the scheduling of public transport services, vehicles, and associated crew duties, in both manual and computerized environments. With highly advanced skills in the use of HASTUSTM scheduling software, he is proficient in the development and implementation of work rules and parameters for use in all facets of scheduling: vehicle blocking, crew runcutting, and rostering. He has experience in scheduling for small and large systems (including a 270 bus system for Veolia San Diego and a 400+ tram/light-rail system for Melbourne, Australia), and in implementing rules for complex and intricate labor agreements and operations. Tim’s more recent scheduling projects at TMD include providing ongoing scheduling services, including complex runcutting and rostering, for Transdev/Veolia Transportation (MTS San Diego, LACMTA, LA-DASH), First Transit (Foothill Transit, Pomona), and Riverside Transit Agency in California. He has also worked on successful tender proposals (including Sydney, Auckland One Rail, RTC Nevada, Transdev San Diego, Suffolk County, New York) for which he was responsible for providing highly competitive and efficient vehicle blocks, crew runcuts, and rosters (and also requiring the development of new HASTUSTM rules, critical for producing efficient results).

Project Experience