In 2018, TMD completed the Metro Reimagined project to ensure that Metro is positioned to more effectively align its service to their customer needs and meet shifts in market demands. The project includes a detailed market analysis and service evaluation that took a detailed look not only look at where people travel in the region, but why they travel and how they want to get there. This proactive look at the mobility needs of the region informed the service design concepts, resulting in improved customer experience and increased access to key destinations throughout the St. Louis region. Metro Reimagined service concepts focused on critical changes to best utilize agency resources while maximizing major network spines.

Key stakeholders and the community were also involved and engaged throughout the project. The online allocation games allowed community members to prioritize service improvements. Multiple in-person events, including community meetings, open houses and pop-up Metro Reimagined kiosks were also set up at select transit locations to collect feedback. Draft service concepts were shared with the public in early 2018. Metro successfully implemented the Metro Reimagined Network Plan in September 2019.