China Langer

BA, Urban Studies & Planning, Communications Minor
University of California at San Diego (UCSD)


Transportation Management
& Design, Inc.
University of California at San Diego, Physical Planning Department

China Langer | President

China Langer has been instrumental over the past 15 years in helping TMD transition to the 21st century. She has managed a broad portfolio of TMD’s transit service planning and restructuring projects. These have ranged from systemwide comprehensive operations analyses (COAs) to more narrowly focused corridor service restructuring and support efforts, such as ridership data collection, on-board passenger surveys, and Title VI and Environmental Justice analyses. In addition to her project leadership skills, she brings detailed technical expertise and experience in service evaluation (fixed route and paratransit), strategic visioning, service plan development, and inclusive stakeholder outreach and in-reach. China also manages TMD’s Business Development.

Project Experience