The City of Fresno Department of Transportation / Fresno Area Express (FAX) planned to introduce a new electronic fare payment management system, accompanied by smart card fare media and possibly mobile ticketing. FAX contracted TMD to complete a fare equity analysis in compliance with FTA regulations and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, evaluating any disparate impact or disproportionate burden that may result from the new fare media.

The project included peer analysis, methodology design, data analysis, community outreach, and a final report of the findings. To develop a process for future FAX Title VI fare equity analyses, TMD performed a peer review of Title VI policies adopted by other agencies and fare equity analysis methodologies. TMD used on-board survey data to evaluate the impacts of smart card and mobile ticketing technology for minority FAX riders compared to non-minority FAX riders. A similar comparative analysis was completed for low-income and non-low-income riders. TMD also provided a geographic access analysis for fare media points of purchase using American Community Survey data and ArcGIS mapping software.

With the e-fare technology still in the procurement stages, TMD also developed and implemented a community engagement plan to gather public input. TMD developed outreach materials and strategies, including survey design, collection, and analysis. TMD synthesized public input and included findings in the Title VI fare equity analysis report, which was submitted to FAX in December 2018.

In 2021, TMD completed a second fare equity analysis for FAX. FAX proposed a fare reduction across all fare types, with the exact percentage reduction varying by fare type. TMD completed a fare equity analysis, using survey data to compare the rates at which minority and low-income populations used various fare media to determine if the reduction in fares had the potential to cause a disparate impact or disproportionate burden. TMD also analyzed FAX’s proposal to expand the population eligible for free fares.

In 2022, TMD completed two Title VI fare analyses for FAX. The first analyzed the equity impacts of introducing free fares temporarily for seniors, Medicare cardholders, and persons with disabilities, and the second analyzed the equity impacts of a new reduced fare category for students.