TMD supported OCTA’s redesign of the OCBus network to reflect current travel patterns. This study involved a comprehensive look at regional travel and a comparison of ridership in 2019 and 2021 to see how the pandemic affected demand for local bus service. OCTA has a very diverse service area with a range of development patterns and mobility needs. This project represented an opportunity to right-size service levels and service types (e.g., fixed-route, microtransit, express service, etc.) in different parts of the network to maximize ridership and optimize use of limited resources. OCTA conducted community outreach in early 2022 to learn about priorities for transit service, and TMD delivered a final network plan that was approved by the OCTA Board in October 2022. The final plan prioritized creating a frequent 15-minute network on major corridors, expanding late evening and weekend service, and creating timed transfers at major hubs. TMD will provide ongoing support through the plan’s implementation phase.

Relevant Project Materials