Al Bolan

British Institute of Technology,
External courses, including: CICSU, DBASE, PL 1, Assembler, FORTRAN, COBOL, Management Information Systems, and Microsoft Access
Internal courses, including: Trapeze, DOS, Windows NT, EOC Training, Cognos Team, SME, and Insight Discovery


Transportation Management
& Design, Inc.
A.D. Bolan Transit Scheduling and Consulting
Trapeze Software
Optibus Software
Coast Mountain Bus Company

Al Bolan | Senior Scheduler

Al Bolan brings over 42 years of experience in transit scheduling. He had the pleasure of working 34 years for a prominent transit agency, Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC), in Vancouver, BC. Throughout his career as a scheduler/supervisor, Al was an integral part of numerous service expansions, rail introductions, and a project to streamline transit schedules, which saved CMBC $30M annually. His goal with every client is to provide an efficient transit service for customers while ensuring cost-effective solutions. After retiring from CMBC, Al worked for TrapezeTM as an application support analyst helping hundreds of schedulers, planners, and IT staff utilize their scheduling and runcutting tools, while offering techniques for better solutions. During this time, Al acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in database structure and implementation. Al has spent the last three years with TMD providing software training for numerous agencies and providing efficient scheduling solutions. A recent running time analysis project at The COMET in South Carolina led to an OTP (On-Time Performance) increase of over 50%.

Project Experience