TMD has provided the following scheduling services and support to Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA):

  • Training and advisement on the procedures and TrapezeTM software configuration
  • Optimized schedules to improve performance, efficiency, and transparency
  • Drawn and defined routes, stops and nodes using TrapezeTM scheduling software
  • Developed and built trips using TrapezeTM scheduling software
  • Developed and minimized vehicle blocks and deadheads to balance efficiency with operational flexibility
  • Addressed one-off trip situations in the simplest way possible using exception routines
  • Developed runcut scenarios for management to compare cost effectiveness (most efficient runcut possible): driver-focused (typically less efficient) and a balanced runcut that optimizes where possible but also takes driver comfort into account
  • Developed rosters for drivers to bid
  • Provided technical memos detailing work completed and instructions for how to reproduce results