Al Bolan

Al Bolan

Al Bolan

Senior Scheduler

British Institute of Technology,
External courses, including: CICSU, DBASE, PL 1, Assembler, FORTRAN, COBOL, Management Information Systems, and Microsoft Access
Internal courses, including: Trapeze™, DOS, Windows NT, EOC Training, Cognos Team, SME, and Insight Discovery


Transportation Management & Design, Inc.
A.D. Bolan Transit Scheduling and Consulting
Trapeze™ Software
Optibus™ Software
Coast Mountain Bus Company


Al Bolan brings over 42 years of experience in transit scheduling. He had the pleasure of working 34 years for a prominent transit agency, Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC), in Vancouver, BC. Throughout his career as a scheduler/supervisor, Al was an integral part of numerous service expansions, rail introductions, and a project to streamline transit schedules, which saved CMBC $30M annually. His goal with every client is to provide an efficient transit service for customers while ensuring cost-effective solutions. After retiring from CMBC, Al worked for Trapeze™ as an application support analyst helping hundreds of schedulers, planners, and IT staff utilize their scheduling and runcutting tools, while offering techniques for better solutions. During this time, Al acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in database structure and implementation. Al has spent the last three years with TMD providing software training for numerous agencies and providing efficient scheduling solutions. A recent running time analysis project at The COMET in South Carolina led to an OTP (On-Time Performance) increase of over 50%.

Project Experience
COMET Scheduling and Planning Support
TARC Louisville Scheduler Training
D.C. Circulator Scheduling Support
Sarasota County Area Transit On-Call Scheduling Support
VIA Scheduler Training
HRDC Bozeman TDP Implementation Support