Thomas Del Sorbo

Tom Del Sorbo

Thomas Del Sorbo

Senior Manager

MPA, Public Finance, Baruch College
BBA, Political Science, Baruch College


Transportation Management & Design, Inc.
MTA Bus Operations (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
New York City Transit
New York City Comptroller’s Office


Thomas (Tom) Del Sorbo is an experienced manager of transit operations, strategic planning, and financial analysis. As a senior executive, he has directed several high profile transit projects, including the integration of private bus companies into the public sector, the transfer of publicly operated fixed-route bus and paratransit services to private operators, and the migration of financial functions into a shared-services environment. He uses his strong financial analysis skills to evaluate the cost and operational implications of service, maintenance, and support-planning decisions within the transit environment. In addition, he helps clients evaluate operational and financial data and performance metrics to inform the prioritization of limited resources. He also has extensive experience representing transit agencies with boards of directors, consultants, and vendors on a wide variety of operational and financial issues. Prior to joining TMD, Tom served as Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration for MTA Bus Operations, Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Financial Control for Subways at New York City Transit, and Audit Manager for the New York City Comptroller’s Office. His previous areas of responsibility included transit operations (fixed-route bus, subways, and paratransit), and financial and administrative support (operating and capital budgets, procurement, inventory distribution, human resources, labor relations, information systems, and payroll/general ledger and accounting functions).

Project Experience
Nashville WeGo (MTA) Better Bus Project (Network Redesign)
St. Louis Metro Reimagined
City of Boulder Transit Service Delivery Study