TMD completed the 10-year update of its original COA to reflect new market and mobility opportunities, changes in the rider and service operating environment (Great Streets), and regional SANDAG policy and transit initiatives (Mid-Coast Trolley, South Bay BRT, and community Mobility Hubs). The goals of the project included growing ridership, maintaining financial sustainability, responding to market and mobility needs, strengthening network integration, and improving service reliability and operability. The project took a detailed look at existing and future market conditions and current service performance to identify opportunities to improve service efficiency and effectiveness. The service recommendations were developed around four key strategies: (1) address service challenges identified by riders and non-riders; (2) improve service on major corridors to increase ridership and fare revenue; (3) create a system that is more attractive and simpler to use; and (4) consider the needs of existing and new riders. The TOP was adopted by the Board in September 2017. A year after implementation in 2018, MTS saws its largest ridership growth since 2014, with a five percent increase in bus ridership and nine percent increase in rail ridership.