TMD led the R.I.D.E. 2020 effort with Rock Region METRO in Little Rock, AR. R.I.D.E. (Route Innovation, Development, and Evaluation) 2020 represented the first detailed look at METRO’s fixed-route network in 33 years. A significant part of this project involved working with staff to propose a new funding contribution formula that was more equitable and sustainable for the region, lifting limitations on how service could be allocated. Final network scenarios included improving frequencies across the system, removing duplicative route segments, focusing service on key corridors, and implementing microtransit zones throughout the service area. Service spans were expanded systemwide to provide riders with access to transit earlier and later each day, seven days a week. By delivering these service improvements, as well as a more equitable and flexible funding contribution mechanism, TMD provided METRO with a path forward to increasing ridership, enhancing transit service regionwide, and making transit a viable and sustainable resource in Central Arkansas for years to come.

Relevant Project Materials