TMD completed a review of NFTA bus and rail services in Erie and Niagara Counties to ensure the system continues to grow ridership under financial constraints and that evolving mobility needs are met. The Erie and Niagara County Service Plan included a detailed review of market conditions, an evaluation of service performance, refinement of the 2010 Service Plan, and a 10-year financial plan to ensure the developed recommendations are financially sustainable. Additionally, to respond to the changing transit ridership patterns resulting from intensification of land uses, infill development, and university-focused development within downtown Buffalo, the plan also included a first-time rethink of the downtown transit network. The rethink revolved around improving customer travel times; improving predictability through streamlined routings and infrastructure delay reduction; and consolidating service on key access corridors with enhanced passenger stop amenities. The resulting service resource efficiencies were reinvested to increase core transit network frequencies. A Title VI analysis of the initial plan phase was also conducted under the new FTA rules with no mitigation findings.