TMD served as the transit facility operations experts as part of the URS team to review and improve the original plans for transit operations, passenger movement, and facility infrastructure of the Bus Deck in the new $1.6B San Francisco Transbay Terminal.

TMD’s plan update focused on:

  • Operation of the 36-bay bus deck to ensure that the number and assignment of bus bays, internal terminal transit circulation, transit access/egress to the terminal, and short-term vehicle storage was adequate to meet current and future transit demands of up to 300 vehicles per hour. A revised operating plan was developed that embraced each transit operator’s needs with specific peak/off-peak bay assignments, terminal supervision and management protocols, short-term staging locations, and a reversal of the terminal access/egress roadway flow.
  • Pedestrian volumes for both access/egress to the Bus Deck, together with passenger waiting area needs were reviewed and adjusted based on the new operating plan. Changes in the pedestrian infrastructure for access/egress, waiting, ticketing, and for information for both transit schedules and bay assignments were recommended.
  • Revised Transbay Terminal Bus Deck access/egress was developed that eliminated delay and safety bottlenecks.