TMD worked with Nashville WeGo Public Transit on the Better Bus plan which developed a vision for improving bus transit in Nashville. Many elements of the plan have been integrated into WeGo’s service planning response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan focused on extending service hours (especially to 11:00 PM on weeknights), increasing the number of routes that operate with all-day 15-minute frequency, adding crosstown routes to facilitate regional connections, upgrading bus stops and creating new transit centers, and improving Access paratransit services. The plan also recommended combining the BRT Lite routes operating every 15 minutes with underlying Local routes operating every 40 minutes into one enhanced corridor service operating every 10-15 minutes. This change has been implemented on the four BRT Lite corridors, and Spring 2021 service changes rolled out full frequencies and spans on these corridors where they had been previously running Saturday schedules as a result of the pandemic.

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