St. Louis Bi-State Development transit center
Published On: April 11, 2018|Categories: In the Works|

St. Louis Bi-State Development recently sent the draft Metro Reimagined plan out for stake­holder and public comment. The new plan focuses on putting people first and making sure services meet riders’ needs both today, and in the future. Some of the key elements include the following.

  • More frequent service, with high-volume routes having 15-minute or better service throughout the day and most other routes operating 30-minute service
  • A simpler network that is easier to understand and provides customers with faster, more direct trips
  • New mobility options, such as on-demand services and shuttles, that provide targeted solutions for specific market demands

Under the new plan, 38 percent of residents and 46 percent of employees in the service area will have access to frequent service. Compared to service today, that’s more than twice as many residents who will have access to 15-minute or better service.

To read more, visit the project website: