TMD was the Bus COA lead for the consulting team that evaluated the overall structure and delivery of MARTA’s transit services and developed a new vision of transit, one that was more efficient and effective. TMD-led task work included identifying system unmet needs, developing phased and tiered bus network alternatives, identifying future facilities and other capital needs, creating service standards and warrants, and conducting a Title VI analysis of the near-term service changes.

The new vision for transit, developed by TMD, focused on a tiered approach which leveraged the success of MARTA’s rail services, while increasing the attractiveness of bus services to create a more seamless and integrated system. The proposed network was created to better tailor services to market demand and included Rail, Arterial Rapid Transit (ART), Express, Frequent Local, Supporting Local, and Community services. The “frequent” network, which included ART, Express, and Frequent Local services, was designed to emulate the rail network and better serve all-day, all-week “lifestyle” transit markets. The new restructured network better positions MARTA to increase ridership and ensure ongoing financial sustainability.

The MARTA Executive Board adopted the COA in 2016 after extensive stakeholder outreach and community consultation.