TMD worked with LA Metro to launch a headway-based operations pilot program on their Line 16 on W 3rd Street in July 2023. Implementing headway-based operation was part of the LA NextGen Bus Plan which radically redesigned the bus network in Los Angeles County. For high frequency service, delivering reliable, regular service at even intervals is more important to the customer experience than adhering to specific timetables. Headway-based management can be a win-win for riders and Metro. Riders may have faster trips since buses do not have to hold at timepoints, and Metro may see resource savings from faster travel times. TMD worked closely with Operations, Scheduling, Planning, HR/Training, and Marketing/Communications departments to ensure successful implementation of the pilot, developing SOPs for operators and supervisors, and establishing metrics for monitoring performance. TMD conducted a thorough review of the first 12 weeks of the pilot program, evaluating end-of-line departure adherence, headway regularity, operator performance, and technical challenges, working closely with Metro to troubleshoot chokepoints and improve delivery of service. TMD looks forward to continuing to work with Metro on this important project and help expand operation to other corridors.