TMD recently worked with HNTB on DART’s Transit Optimization Study. TMD undertook a comprehensive evaluation of DART’s existing fixed-route, paratransit, and on-call services to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. TMD analyzed route-level metrics for productivity (passengers per revenue hour) and cost per passenger to measure against DART’s established service standards. TMD reviewed AVL data from TransTrack to identify route-level on-performance. TMD also provided input to the full range of public and private transportation service delivery and business models as a part of the Regional Mobility Model Assessment.

TMD conducted in-depth GIS analyses, mapping transit propensity, current ridership, frequency, population and employment patterns, paratransit pick-ups and drop-offs, and base-year and projected housing and employment density. These outputs were then stylized and used in various public facing materials, integrating the power of ArcGIS technology and Adobe Creative Suite.

TMD was also tasked with developing a detailed ArcGIS StoryMap, handouts and public presentation boards for outreach, and a spiral-bound printed booklet that DART distributed at community outreach events. TMD developed a design direction by first building on DART’s current branding and then adding additional design elements, such as custom iconography. These elements were used consistently throughout, allowing for a cohesive look across all final deliverables. HNTB was then able to carry this look and feel forward in creating the final report.