TMD is currently conducting a Comprehensive Operational Analysis for the City of Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus (BBB) system. The “Brighter Blue” project will result in a five-year plan to improve local mobility. It will focus on adapting to post-pandemic travel patterns, incorporating battery electric buses, and integrating technological innovations for enhancing transit ridership. A major element of the plan, which will affect Culver CityBus as well, is developing a service plan for the opening of the D Line subway to Westwood/UCLA, as this project is expected to greatly transform the nature of public transit in the region.

To date, TMD has completed an on-board rider survey to identify rider priorities for service improvements; a Market Assessment and review of relevant plans to identify local mobility needs; and a Service Evaluation to develop an understanding of current service performance. Part of this evaluation included building an online dashboard using PowerBI to analyze system performance at the route, route segment, stop, and time of day level. The dashboard is customizable and can be used to produce various outputs such as passenger activity by stop, performance indicators, load analysis, and on-time performance reports.