LA Metro bus
Published On: July 28, 2023|Categories: Everything Transit, In the Works|

On July 10, LA Metro launched a six-month pilot program testing headway-based operations on its Line 16 on W. 3rd St. After a year and a half of working with Metro on the planning and design of the pilot, we are excited to be able to watch it in action! Rather than adhere to a fixed schedule where buses pass by stops at certain designated times, with headway-based operations, the goal is to ensure that buses pass by stops in regular intervals. This works best on high-frequency lines where riders just want to know that they can depend on the bus to show up every few minutes. Implementing headway-based operations requires a paradigm shift in how we think about on-time performance, how operators drive the route, and how closely operations need to be monitored to avoid bunching/gapping. But when done successfully, it can provide much greater flexibility in service delivery for the agency, faster travel times, and a better experience for riders.

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