Nicole Aguirre

Nicole Aguirre

Nicole Aguirre

Associate Planner

BS, Environmental Engineering
University of California, San Diego


Transportation Management & Design, Inc.
San Diego MTS


Nicole Aguirre joined TMD shortly after graduating from the University of California, San Diego. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering, she devoted the majority of her academic career to studying environmental issues through a technical lens. As part of her senior sequence, Nicole took courses in Urban Studies and Planning, cultivating an interest in sustainability through transit and land use planning. Prior to accepting a position with TMD, Nicole served as a Transportation Services Intern at Metropolitan Transit System in San Diego, where she worked on implementing quarterly service changes, public outreach projects, and the development of enhanced passenger facilities. As a member of TMD’s planning team, Nicole has worked on a variety of projects ranging from COAs to transit feasibility studies for clients across the country. She has conducted several plan reviews, completed detailed service evaluations, and developed transit networks that optimize efficient and effective transit access. Through her project work, Nicole aims to combine her technical planning skills and passion for community service into comprehensive and sustainable transit solutions.

Project Experience
Nashville MTA Network Redesign
San Francisco Better Market Street
City of Boulder Transit Service Delivery Study
San Antonio VIA COA