Leah Katz, AICP

Leah Katz

Leah Katz, AICP

Senior Planner

MS, Urban Planning, Columbia University, New York
BS, Urban and Regional Studies, Cornell University, New York


Transportation Management & Design, Inc.
NY MTA Headquarters, Special Project Development and Planning
Capital District Transportation Committee


Leah Katz is an experienced transportation planner with a background in mobility planning and regional connectivity. With an in-depth understanding of the demographic-land use-ridership relationship, she focuses on creating plans that help communities achieve quality-of-life goals, support economic growth, and increase opportunities for transit. Through her experiences in both rural communities and large cities, Leah has participated in regional transit network optimizations, community and transportation livability studies, corridor level transit-service assessments, and public participation processes. Before joining TMD, she served as a planner for both the New York State MTA Special Project Development and Planning Division and the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) MPO. While at the MTA, Leah performed market analyses for planning initiatives and mega projects, such as Second Avenue Subway, East Side Access, and Penn Station Access; acted as Assistant Project Manager for both the Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad Customer Origin-Destination surveys; and participated in multiple regional coordination efforts. At CDTC, she provided technical planning assistance to local communities for transportation and land use projects via CDTC’s Community and Transportation Linkage Program. The program has been recognized by FHWA, FTA, and the American Planning Association as a national best practice in livability planning.

Project Experience
Denver RTD T03 Preliminary Analysis
Rochester Reimagine RTS
Pocatello Regional Transit MTP
St. Louis Metro Reimagined