Bobbi Jo Duley

Bobbi Jo Duley

Bobbi Jo Duley

Graphic Designer

BA, Kinesiology and Fine Arts
University of Colorado, Boulder


Transportation Management & Design, Inc.
Plaid Design
Resort Impressions
Carlsbad Magazine
Triathlete Magazine


Bobbi Jo Duley is a professional graphic and web designer with over 20 years of experience providing custom design and marketing services for a broad range of customers and projects. As TMD’s in-house graphic designer, she works closely with our clients to plan and produce online and print media, build custom project websites, and produce other collateral, such as surveys, brochures, posters, maps, etc., to inform and engage project stakeholders. Her custom graphics and strategic infographics also help make TMD’s technical planning work and deliverables more accessible to diverse audiences. With a background in Fine Arts and a proficiency in a full range of design and publishing applications (Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, HTML, etc.), Bobbi brings a comprehensive creative approach to all of her design work.

Project Experience
LA Metro NextGen Bus Study
Sound Transit Transportation Network Plan & Service Standards Update
MTS (San Diego) Transit Ballot Measure Planning
Nashville WeGo (MTA) Better Bus Project (Network Redesign)
Pocatello Regional Transit MTP
St. Louis Metro Reimagined
Greensboro LRTP
PSTA Greenlight Pinellas Financial Plan
Denver RTD (2000-2019), On-Call Service Design, Scheduling, Operations Consultant