A Look Back at 2020

What a year 2020 has been! Everyone experienced new personal and professional challenges as we navigated virtual Board meetings and open houses and learned how to work effectively from home. We worked with agencies to respond to the pandemic through service reductions and scheduling adjustments. We also celebrated major company changes, becoming a women-owned business and obtaining our DBE certification. We are looking forward to the new opportunities, relationships, and transit challenges 2021 will bring! Below are a few highlights from 2020.


New Clients

TMD started projects with nine new clients this past year, bringing innovation and lessons learned from our many clients.


Network Reimagining Projects

TMD started, worked on, or completed eight COAs across the country.


Agencies Supported

TMD provided COVID-19 response and recovery to five agencies across the country, each with their own unique pandemic operating challenges.


Agencies Trained

TMD’s experienced scheduling team worked closely with four agencies to train their staff in best practices in transit scheduling.


Title VI Studies

TMD worked with three agencies on Title VI analyses required for fare and service changes.


New Baby Born

Melissa welcomed her first child in July.

LA NextGen Bus Plan

The LA NextGen Bus Plan was approved by the LA Metro Board of Directors in October 2020, and Metro rolled out the first phase of service improvements on December 13th, increasing frequencies throughout the week to improve the customer experience.
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Nashville WeGo Public Transit

Starting in 2017, TMD worked with Nashville WeGo Public Transit (formerly Nashville MTA) on the Better Bus Plan. Elements from the plan were incorporated into the mayor’s $1.6 billion transportation investment plan which will improve bus service for 95% of current riders.

Rock Region METRO R.I.D.E. 2020

TMD completed R.I.D.E. 2020, a network restructuring project, for Rock Region METRO in Little Rock, AR which was unanimously approved by the Board in August 2020. The plan improved frequencies across the network; extended early morning, evening, and weekend service hours; and expanded regional Microtransit zones.
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MTS Ballot Measure

We always enjoy working on projects that impact our local community. TMD worked closely with MTS staff to develop a program of projects for a potential sales tax ballot measure creating a long-range vision for public transit in San Diego.
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Bozeman Streamline

TMD partnered with HRDC for the Redesign Streamline 2020 network plan. More frequency operating on bi-directional routes comes together in an integrated network of public mobility.
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Houston Metro

TMD provided Houston Metro with virtual training to a brand new transit scheduler and advanced Trapeze™ Blockbuster training for veteran schedulers.